Classic Window Products


Friendly Support

Dedicated customer support at Classic Window Products is keen to help you pick out the perfect products to fit your needs.


We have more 50 years combined experience servicing Seattle’s building community and look forward to furthering our relationships by adding to our product offerings.

Fenestration Management

We hold the standard for high-performance project management. We handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects with unlimited resources and an unlimited number of options and solutions.

Product Quality Assurance

All of our partners have a quality control program which assures the product will meet our high standard of expectations.

Client-Partner Relationship

We pro-actively build relationships with every client as we work with them to understand their needs in order to align them with the appropriate solutions for their projects. That, along with our excellent service, ensure that you receive the maximum value from our services.

Design Collaboration

We will work with you, or your design-build team to provide information and recommendations for your project selection and use.